Buckwheat Pillows – Advantages and Disadvantages You Should Know

Buckwheat pillows have gotten more and more common. Does one should be in your mattress? Let’s take a look at their fundamental benefits and drawbacks. However earlier than we do, let me describe precisely what a buckwheat pillow is.

Buckwheat is, in truth, not a wheat, however a fruit (fagopyrum esculentum) associated to rhubarb. Buckwheat hulls are what fill a buckwheat pillow. The hulls are the husks that defend the buckwheat kernel. The hulls aren’t simply chaff, however are a extremely wanted product that’s often extra beneficial than the buckwheat kernel.


The pillows are very supportive in that they’re “stable state.” In different phrases, they may maintain their form and never sink in through the night time, whereas on the similar time they will not push again like fiber or foam pillows can.

This wonderful help that buckwheat pillows supply signifies that your neck can preserve a correct, impartial place for the entire night time. It can also imply much less of a necessity to maneuver round at night time since you will not want to regulate your self as a result of the pillow has modified form.

The power to keep up their form is the explanation many individuals declare that buckwheat pillows present reduction from neck and again ache, complications, loud night breathing, muscle rigidity, TMJ syndrome, and sleeplessness.

Additionally, since loud night breathing is commonly brought on by an unnatural alignment of the neck, a buckwheat pillow with its skill to keep up correct help can scale back or eradicate loud night breathing.

The pillows can be adjusted for firmness and loft by including or eradicating buckwheat. (Most high quality buckwheat pillows include a zipper so you are able to do this simply.)


A doable draw back to a buckwheat pillow is that it’s fairly agency. Because of this, it could not present the softness and cushioning that your face and ears want. Its firmness additionally requires you to typically manually mould the pillow into the form you need. In different phrases, it is not going to routinely contour to your head and neck as another pillow sorts do, equivalent to reminiscence foam.

One other drawback to some is that the hulls inside could make a rustling or crunching noise. This noise is just not overly loud, however it could take some getting used to.